Ethical Guidelines

IQRN is fully committed and responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations and upholding the group’s high ethical standards. With employees and partners spread out throughout the world, we implement clear policies and strict protocols in order to maintain compliance and ethical behavior on every single project. Every person involved plays an important role in this process.

Integrity, compliance, respect for local culture and communities, knowledge sharing and correct conduct are at the heart of IQRN’s relationships with all clients, partners, vendors, public sector, and employees themselves. With the full support of senior management, our Ethics Program is in place throughout the company and all of its projects, reflecting the importance of these principles.

This also reflects how earnest we are in our dedication to strict compliance, while implementing high-quality development projects. At IQRN, we believe that holding ourselves to these high standards is an inherent part of the core values that we attempt to uphold with every project and is key to building the loyalty and trust that are vital to sustainable development.